We are innovators and pioneers

Our unique blend of creative and marketing experience allowed us to relevantly apply multiple design competencies to deliver against tangible marketing objectives. We continue to believe that design is not only a true marketing medium, but one of the most effective.

Celebrating nearly 15 years as one of the pioneers within the experiential marketing space, our team evolved from strategists and designers to full-service program managers and event producers taking concepts from vision to reality. We are a “Purepartner” to our clients in the truest sense, seeing a program through from its inception to completion.

Dimensionalization is a connection.

Although the majority of our clients’ programs manifest themselves in a physical presence, brand dimensionalization is Purepartner’s process to creating effective programs.

This three-pronged approach serves as the foundation for multi-dimensional brand experiences and provides a framing tool that is strategically sound, deep in insight, and compelling in its interpretation of a brand’s essence and relevance.

Experiences that offer real value tend to get the most time and attention not to mention return visits. Therefore, engaging consumers with brand-relevant experiences that connect on an inherently personal level is the only way brands can cut through the clutter and build loyalty.

Back in 2003, the desire to create a marriage between brands and people became an interesting challenge and opportunity which led to the birth of Purepartner by Design. At that time, “experiential marketing” was a niche that very few had contemplated or even knew about. The majority of players in the space were using the name in vain being primarily production companies relying on sampling programs, clichéd promotional events, mobile trucks or generic tradeshow presences.

Taking inspiration from truly provocative campaigns by companies such as Virgin (which was way ahead of the times), I saw a business opportunity that was so natural it became the most obvious and exciting business pursuit in which to embark. When coupling strategic programming with innovative design, we could use our differentiated skill set to create memorable experiences. We would then build a top-tier production team to maintain the integrity of our vision for our clients. As I saw it, the “thinking” was where the product needed to start, not the production–and most companies in this space are first and foremost production companies. I believe this is what truly sets us apart.

As time progressed, we watched social media become a primary driver of success metrics. Our established approach of combining strategic programming with innovative design turned out to be the perfect hybrid to germinate “shareable experiences” while capitalizing on the ever-changing technology landscape. Now with some of the world’s leading life style and technology brands as our clients, we have earned a unique place in the experiential marketing world. Purepartner has refined this process and we call it “Brand Dimensionalization”.

Additionally, we apply our deep understanding of the tech sector, fueled by many of our clients’ existing and beta technologies to develop fresh activations that deliver unforgettable, on-brand experiences.

We are fortunate to be able to combine our passion for people–our clients and their consumers-with our passion for marketing, technology and design trends to continue to help to define this space.

That is what we call experiential design.​

-Ron Caruso, Principal and Founder

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