What will you try?

The Google Science Fair is the ultimate forum for young scientists, makers and explorers to foster positive change in the world. The theme and challenge for this year’s competition was “what will you try?” Students from over 100 countries worldwide were asked to present their vision in response this question.

Welcome to the Googleplex!

Traveling far from home, finalists and their families were flown to the heart of Silicon Valley to present their winning ideas to a prestigious panel of judges from visionary companies, including Virgin Galactic, National Geographic and Lego Education.

To kick-off this event, there was a massive outdoor festival-style welcome reception to break the ice and initiate conversation. The next day the finalists’ presented their projects to judges and the public for an all-day science fair exhibition. The event culminated with a formal, live streamed award gala where the winners were announced and presented with scholarships and prizes.

The Blueprint for Success.

Not only were the young scientists given a challenge, but we were challenged by Google to curate a multiday event all held on campus to help the finalists’ share their blueprints for change.  Leveraging the “blueprint” theme as a representation of bringing ideas to life, we applied this concept in all touchpoints from the environmental graphics and collateral to interactive programming.

The international language of “connection”

We wanted the theme of “what will you try” to be the catalyst for not only positive change in the world but a positive change in the lives of these young scientists. We infused this idea into all programming throughout the multiday event from the food that they would eat, to the games that they would play, to the environments in which they would bond – all meant to incubate new friendships and develop connections from all over the world.

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