Are you prepared for what's out there?

Just like in Fallout, you need to be primed for the unknown. For the first time on a trade-show floor, we developed a participatory theatrical experience incorporating a loosely scripted storyline, entertaining programming, thirty professional actors and a blast of improvisation. Devout Fallout fans signed up for S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Survival Training to insure they were prepared for the world that awaits them outside the vault.

No agency does everything, and we are secure enough to admit that.

As our name demonstrates, partnership is at our core. For this program we engaged MyCotoo, who’s unique talents in scripting and casting for live programming were the perfect compliment to our capabilities and expertise. Together we crafted an engaging and unexpected live experience that drove social media buzz for the upcoming installment to the historic Fallout franchise.

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